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Click for previous Image Image 1 of 3 Salvia gesneriiflora Uli Mexican Scarlet Sage

Salvia gesneriiflora 'Uli'

Salvia gesneriiflora 'Uli'

Uli Mexican Scarlet Sage

This selection of Salvia gesneriiflora was made by the German salvia officionado, Johannes-Ulrich  Urban.  It grows quickly to about 5' tall and wide.  It has large, soft medium-green leaves and orange-red flowers which are the largest of any of the Salvia gesneriiflora currently in cultivation.  

As with all the Salvia gesneriiflora, plant Uli in a spot that's sheltered from the wind because the stems tend to snap at the base quite easily, even though they look thick and strong.

Salvia gesneriiflora is native to Sierra Madre Oriental in Mexico.

Uli grows quickly to around 5' tall and wide, so is smaller than S. gesneriiflora 'Tequila' and substantially smaller than the straight species which can easily reach 10'.

Propagation is by semi-ripe stem cuttings which will often root in as little as 7 days depending on the time of year.  Rooting compound isn't essential, but helps hasten rooting.  We use a 1:10 solution of Dip 'n Grow or Woods Rooting Compound.


5 ft


5 ft


5 ft

Salvia gesneriiflora 'Uli' Characteristics


  • Fast-growing
  • Aromatic foliage

Flower color

  • Red / Burgundy / Maroon

Foliage color

  • Green / Blue-green

Growth habit (plant shape)

  • Upright


  • Light or dappled shade
  • Sunny all day - Coast
  • Morning sun

Season of interest (flowering)

  • Winter
  • Spring

Season of interest (foliage)

  • Year round

Your soil type

  • Clay-loam
  • Loam
  • Clay
  • Sandy loam

Water requirements

  • None - Low

Critter resistance

  • Rabbit resistant
  • Deer resistant

Wildlife appeal

  • Attracts birds
  • Attracts bees
  • Attracts beneficial insects
  • Attracts hummingbirds

Suggested uses

  • Container


  • Central America