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Hypericum 'Rowellane' (Rowellane St. John's wort) - closeup of flower

Hypericum 'Rowallane'

Rowallane St. John's wort

This graceful shrub has upright stems that arch outwards with age.  Large deep golden flowers bloom in spring and summer.

Background information
Hypericum 'Rowallane' is a hybrid between Hypericum leschenaultii (native to Indonesia) and H. hookerianum 'Charles Rogers.'  The shrub was named for the garden in which it was discovered.  Rowallane Garden is a renowned garden, owned by the National Trust, in County Down south of Belfast in Northern Ireland.  It was created in the first half of the 20th Century by Hugh Armytage Moore who subscribed to various plant-hunting expeditions.  Discoveries from these expeditions were nurtured in the garden and several shrubs and perennials have been named for the garden.

Growth habit and flowers
'Rowallane' is a graceful shrub with long upright stems that gradually arch outwards, producing a V-shaped profile.  Large, deep golden yellow flowers with prominent stamens (one of the hallmarks of all hypericums) develop at the ends of drooping branchlets in late spring and summer.

In coastal climates, you can plant Rowallane hypericum in full sun or shade.  In hotter inland areas, plant it in partial to full shade.

Rowallane hypericum's tolerant of most soil types including clay.  

Once established, Rowallane hypericum's water needs in the dry summer months are fairly low.  At the nursery in Soquel, it hasn't looked very happy without any summer water, but has survived.  In coastal areas, a deep watering once a month in the summer should be sufficient to keep the shrub looking good.  

Pests and diseases
Rowallane doesn't seem to be prone to any pests or diseases.  Aphids may sometimes be found on young, sappy new growth but they can easily be washed off.  Alternatively, cut off the affected growth and throw it away.

Wildlife interest
Bees are attracted to the flowers.

Rowallane St. John's wort Growing and Maintenance Tips

This shrub needs very little maintenance; just an occasional pruning if needed to shape the plant.


6-9 ft


4 ft


4-5 ft

Hypericum 'Rowallane' Characteristics


  • Evergreen

Flower color

  • Yellow / Chartreuse

Foliage color

  • Green / Blue-green

Growth habit (plant shape)

  • Arching
  • Upright


  • Sunny all day - Coast
  • Morning sun
  • Light or dappled shade
  • Dense shade

Season of interest (flowering)

  • Spring
  • Summer

Season of interest (foliage)

  • Year round

Your soil type

  • Clay
  • Sandy loam
  • Loam
  • Clay-loam

Wildlife appeal

  • Attracts bees

Suggested uses

  • Under pine trees
  • Under CA native oaks
  • Under eucalyptus
  • Under redwoods


  • Hybrid

Plants that work well with Hypericum 'Rowallane'

Breeze mat rush Breeze mat rush (Lomandra longifolia 'Breeze')