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Euphorbia mauritanica (Mauritian spurge)

Euphorbia mauritanica

Euphorbia mauritanica is a densely branched succulent that's native to Africa.  It usually grows to about 3' (1 meter) tall and wide, but has been known to reach 6' (2 meters).

Euphorbia mauritanica was introduced into cultivation in Europe at or before the beginning of the 18th century.  It was believed to have originated in 'Mauritanica' in northwest Africa.  This is a rounded shrub, densely branched, usually growing to 3' (1 meter) high, sometimes up to 2 m in height and usually wider in diam.  Branches are cylindrical, fleshy, marked with alternate leaf scars.  Leaves are deciduous, crowded on the youngest branches.  Inflorescences consist of a male cyathium surrounded by 5 to 7 bisexual cyathia on a short terminal branch. Glands 5-8, bright yellow.  Pistillate flower exserted from the involucre on a curved pedicel.  this is one of the most widespread species of Euphorbia in South Africa, but is especially dominant in the Northern Cape.