Gold Rush plants on display at the Blossom Hill Farmers' Market

Gold Rush plants on display at the Blossom Hill Farmers' Market

Where to buy Gold Rush plants

We'd love to see you at the nursery.  If you can't make it to the nursery, though, then look for us at the events we attend through the year.  You can also order our plants from the following nurseries.



We attend several events each year, especially in spring.  You can usually find us at the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show, the Santa Clara Master Gardeners' Spring Garden Market and the Going Native Garden Tour.  


Farmers' Markets

Many of you have been asking if we're going back to the farmers' markets.  Sorry, but we've decided not to have a stall at the Willow Glen or Blossom Hill Farmers' Markets any more.  We really enjoyed our time at both these markets and met some wonderful people.  We've decided to focus, though, on other plant-related events and on developing our alliance with the PopUp Plant Stars.


PopUp Plant Stars

In the second half of 2011, we formed a collaborative alliance with three other small, locally owned and operated nurseries - Carman's Nursery, Cole Canyon Farm and Terra Sole Nurseries.  Together, we call ourselves the PopUp Plant Stars - PuPS for short!

The PuPS will be popping up together at events throughout the greater Bay Area to bring you a fabulous array of locally grown and sustainably produced edible and ornamental plants.

Check out the PuPS Facebook page for more information and details of upcoming events.