Acanthomintha duttonii


We don't grow this endangered California native perennial, but wanted to create a record of it in our plant database.

San Mateo thornmint (Acanthomintha duttonii) is an annual known only from Edgewood Park and Natural Preserve in San Mateo County, California.  The University of California Botanical Garden at Berkeley ("UCBGB") has been working with the Creekside Center for Earth Observation to preserve and expand the only known remaining population.

In 2010, UCBGB provided the Creekside Center for Earth Observation with 12,500 seeds to augment the one wild population.  Germination from these seeds was good and over 4,000 seeds were collected from these plants in 2010.  UCBGB is continuing with further seed production and plans are underway for establishing a second wild population.

Acanthomintha duttonii Characteristics


  • California native